Red Kite Center

Unfortunately to adhere to government guidelines all our meetings are cancelled or online until further notice.

Red kite Centre visit

Hope Community Church Pontypridd once a month gather together for a social. Saturday 19th September 2015 was marked as the day we would go to the Red Kite Centre at Rhyadder. On arrival we gathered in the yard outside the shop where we shared lunch. After lunch we made our way down to the hide that had been booked for our group.

As time approached 3pm, the sky started to turn black as the kites and buzzards began circling. The trees became laden with said birds and the farmer came out with some meat and threw it around as feed for them.

10 minutes or so after the farmer had gone, the immediate sky around us was a sea of birds.  WOW… what can I say I was very privileged to see such a magnificent species of bird up so close! We could make out the colours and even one that had a damaged wing.

The Red Kite doesn’t land to eat as it but instead swops down and picks up its food while remaining airborne (not always successfully). We even saw kites chasing buzzards off as they attempted to take the meat intended for the kites.

To really appreciate the experience one has to go and see it for themselves as I don’t have the words to describe the experience.

We are planning to go again…