Online Life Groups

At Hope Church Rhydyfelin we don’t just want to do Church on a Sunday, but we want to build community in our everyday lives. We want to build smaller safe environments where everybody is welcome to be themselves building a place of support and discipleship. Out of that desire we have created life groups. Covid has meant that we have had to change how we do life groups, meeting online instead of in person, but they are still great communities to be a part of. 


As a Church we believe prayer changes things and should be an important feature in our lives. In life groups there will be space for praying for each other, for family / friends, for the Church, for our town and beyond. We also want to give time to bringing testimony and thanksgiving for answered prayer and for what God is doing in our lives.


We want to get deeper into God’s word, discussing what has been preached on a Sunday and allowing it to transform our attitudes and way we do things. Just like in Matthew 13 vs 8 where Jesus talks about “seeds which fell on fertile soil and produced a crop that was thirty, sixty and even a hundred times as much as had been planted”. We want to deepen our knowledge of God through His word, allowing it to change us.


As Christians we want to continually grow in our faith and gifting which God has given us. Life groups will be a safe place for people to discover what amazing gifts have been given to them and to step out in using them. 


Working from home, being unable to meet up with friends and family. Covid has meant life looks very different. It is easy for weeks to fly by and for us to not really meaningfully connect with others. Life groups are a great chance to have meaningful conversations and encourage each other through these difficult times we are living in.