Notices 29th March 2020

Notices 29th March 2020

Catalyst Festival Postponed to 2021

Catalyst Festival has been postponed until 29th May-1st June 2021. It will still be at Stoneleigh Park and it gives us something to look forward tonext year!

Tickets brought for the 2020 Festival will be valid for 2021 so no need to cancel and rebook. However, a full refund is available to anyone who wants it. To receive a refund, please email


Updated Spotify Playlists

Our worship Spotify playlist has been updated with all the latest songs we have done as a church which hadn't made it in yet. 


Step back in time...

Heather has kindly been going through our back catalogue of recorded sermons that had yet to be edited or uploaded and they will be appearing online shortly. 


Journey Through Mark

Monday 30th March - Mark 8:27-30 - Who you say I am

What's fascinating about being a Christian is that knowing who Jesus is is the start of knowing who you are. 

Pray: That during this strange season we would know Jesus and ourselves more and more.


Tuesday 31st March - Mark 8:31-9:1 - The concerns of man

Peter had come to realise who Jesus was. He was friends with the most important person in the world. As soon as he tells Jesus his revelation Jesus tells Peter that it's all coming to an end. That change is coming, and Peter doesn't want things to change. 

Pray: That we would align ourselves with Gods plans and be open to God instigated change.


Wednesday 1st April - Mark 9:2-13 - The Transfiguration

Peter, James and John catch a glimpse of Jesus in all his glory and it's epic. They even hear the voice of God the Father say “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!”. It's an encounter that they will never forget.

Pray: That in a time where we can't meet up with other people, we would have encounters with God. That we would know Gods voice, love and instruction. 


Thursday 2nd April - Mark 9:14-29 - Honesty is the best policy

Jesus describes faith as like a mustard seed. It starts small and grows into something huge. The faith of the father in this story is still in it's early days and has a long way to go. The father however is honest about where his faith is at and asks Jesus to help it grow. 

Pray: Be honest. Tell Jesus where your faith is at and ask him to help it grow.


Friday 3rd April - Mark 9:30-36 - Who's the best?

The disciples have been arguing about who the best one of them is. They all want to be important. Jesus tells them that the best kind of people are those that seek to bring out the best in others. Not those who try to look the best themselves. That greatness doesn't come from hanging around with people who are influential or important in the eyes of the world, but from caring for children.

Pray: That we would not desire importance or position, but would desire to bring justice, mercy and love to the needy in our communities.