What's Eden?

Eden sends and supports teams of urban missionaries to share the gospel, make disciples and rebuild communities. It is all about loving communities back to life.

Showing people that they have a God given purpose and helping them achieve it. Living incarnational lives and being visible within the communities. Making our homes within the community, so we care for them and love them authentically.

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Meet the team

Our #StayAtHomeMissionaries

Heather Ryan - Team Leader

Heather moved to Rhydyfelin in 2006 to study photography at the local university. Having worked in the local pub during her studies, she fell in love with the community and the area. When she married, shortly after graduation, she persuaded her husband Jon, that Rhydyfelin was the place for them! She worked as a school photographer for 6 years so has a lot of experience in different school environments and dealing with sometimes reluctant teenagers!?! All the while, giving up her Friday evenings to be a leader at the local church youth group "PCY" (Pontypridd Christian Youth). Youth work has always been important to Heather, ever since she was a teenager herself, so when she got the opportunity to become Eden Team Leader for Rhydyfelin, it seemed like a perfect fit! Working with youth in the community that she loves, what could be better?

“Rhydyfelin is a small community where everyone knows everyone. Everyone helps everyone and it wants to be a better place. It may be a bit ugly, but underneath there's a heart of gold – it just needs to be brought to the surface” - Heather

Jon Ryan - Team Member

Jon moved to Rhydyfelin when he married Heather. He quickly got involved in helping with the local youth group, and here his passion for youth work grew. When it came to finding a local church, together, they felt it had to be within Rhydyfelin, as this is where their hearts were being pointed by God. Jon has a degree in music technology, as well as qualifications in web development and also is a trained worship leader so he is quite a useful guy to have around!

“I joined Eden as it’s all about practically outworking the gospel and speaking Jesus centered hope to communities like mine.” - Jon

Dominic Phair - Team Member

Dom moved to Pontypridd when the Hope Community Church launched back in 2014. He has since relocated to Rhydyfelin so he could be involved with Eden Rhydyfelin. He is a sound and lighting engineer and can quite often be found back stage at music festivals. Not to perform though, he set the whole thing up! As a man good with electrics I'm sure he will get asked to help with events that Eden Rhydyfelin want to host!

“I truly feel that Eden Rhydyfelin will be a beacon of light in these dark and tough times.” - Dom

Steve Hillman - Team Member

Steve has moved into Rhydyfelin after recently come back from Southampton after doing a Frontier Project course in youth work, ministry and music – all of which will be vital in our work as an Eden team. Another musical man in our team means its never dull at our meetings! Steve is the one to beat on the basketball court and isn't afraid to leap into long grass (and land in a hole) to catch a Frisbee!

“I joined Eden Rhydyfelin because I wanted to see lives transformed by the gospel bettering the community.” - Steve

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